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And here it is finally, the fabulous and shiny Masterlist for Het Big Bang 2017!! \o/

I've gathered everyone's creations together in one beautiful post, so go out and leave all the love for your fellow authors and artists, congratulate each and every one for all their hard work - we had such a small number cross the finish line this year, THEY DESERVE ALL THE LOVE!!
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Thank you to everyone for another great year! [personal profile] traycer  and I will be putting out a survey of sorts soon, asking your opinions on a bunch of things relating to this community and possible changes for next year, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks guys!!
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In order to keep our menu a little neater and tidier, I'm adding a Master Post of previous years links. Plus, sometimes you want to look back on what's been done and unearth treasures you might've missed. :) Check out the links below, which will be updated/added to yearly.

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Here's the Masterlist for Het Big Bang 2016. It was a smaller crop than usual, so it's all in one post. Go forth and enjoy everyone's creations!! :D (And please let me know if you spot any mistakes. Thanks!)

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