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Official Writers List 2017

It's finally here! The super shiny list of all the authors who signed up this year. :D

Note: Please take a moment to check the list to ensure your entry is on there, and correct, as we had sign-ups from both LJ and DW. If you are supposed to be on this list and are not, let me know asap and I will edit accordingly. Thanks, and HAPPY WRITING! \o/
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Official Writer's List 2016

The deadline to sign up has passed, but that's okay because we now have an awesome list of authors ready to dazzle us with their fantastic stories! :) Go check out the Official Writer's List for 2016!!
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Official Writer’s List 2016

NOTE: Please look over the list and make sure that I got your entry and that I got it right. If you are supposed to be on the list but are not, let me know! If you need to update your information, leave a comment and I will edit accordingly. Thanks guys! Happy writing!

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Updated: Official Writer's List 2015

All right ladies & gents! The Mandatory Check-in Poll is officially closed. We sent out confirmation emails to all the Big Bangers who sent us their snippets for their artists, and we’re now working on putting together the Art Claim post, which will be up in a day or so.

And now after gathering up all the Check-In Poll data, we present the Updated Masterlist of Awesome Authors!!

Note: anyone who did not complete the poll is considered dropped out. Check over the list below and make sure we got your information and we got it right! If you honestly are supposed to be on this and are not for whatever reason, or if you did not receive a confirmation email even though you sent us snippets, then please let us know as soon as possible via comment, PM, or by email ( :D

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Official Writer's List 2015

We are so excited by the awesome turnout this year! Check out the epic list of greatness!

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Official Writer's List 2013

Hey guys, thank you for all the sign-ups, this is looking to be yet another awesome Bang!! :D

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Okay, writers and artists! Submission information is here!

Deadlines and Drop-outs: All fics and artworks are due on September 25th, 2011 at noon PST sharp. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED. Dude, I will need every. single. second. between the 25th and the Debut Date of the 30th to get the website up and running.

Email addy:

→ if you don't submit your fic by the September 25th, 2011 at noon PST sharp, you don't qualify to be part of the Big Bang Debut.
→ if your story is currently claimed by an artist, and you decide to drop out at any time, notify me ASAP so that I can inform your artist of the development.
→ if you've found an artist for your fic on your own, tell me.

→ if you don't submit your artwork by Sept 25th or drop out at any time, then you're going to place me in the uncomfortable situation of hunting for a back up artist on days' worth of notice. Please, dear god, pretty pretty please - pay attention to the deadline and follow it.
→ notify me ASAP if you need to drop out.
→ if your writer does not complete his/her story by the due date, but you've completed your artwork, go ahead and submit it and I'll showcase it on the website anyway. You deserve recognition for your hard work!
→ IMPORTANT. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: ALL ARTWORK MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE I REVEAL THE WEBSITE. Therefore, if you do not submit by the proper deadline, and I don't get a backup artist in time, the Debut Date (Sept 30th) may be delayed. The point of a bigbang is for everything to go up at ONCE, blinding people with their awesomeness. If one person is left without proper artwork to their long story, then no one gets to see the works. All for one, and one for all. Hardcore, I know!

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It's still long, omg.

It should be updated with all authors that have officially dropped out (by notifying me in some way), and with all notifications of changed pairings/fandoms. The only thing that is not updated in this page is the people who did not participate in the mandatory check-in poll, and that's simply because I am currently too lazy to figure out who didn't clicky like they were supposed to. I'll do that eventually. If I got anything wrong, correct me!

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August 15th is your mandatory check-in for writers.

Authors must either affirm/deny that they have written at least 9k of words for their Big Bang fic by that deadline, or they will NOT recieve an artist's claim on their story. Meaning, no pretty fanart for your fanfiction. That said, if you find you just cannot make the 9k word count by the mandatory check-in, you can still continue to write something and have your story go live with the official website on the Debut Date. You just will not receive artwork or vids for it. But you would get to see your story all shiny and pretty and still get the satisfaction of participating!

Either way, 9K or not, you check in. It's mandatory. Please don't make me hunt you down. There are over 200 of you.

Here is how you do it, and it includes submitting rough drafts and emails: )
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Okay, so. My email box is a nightmare because I keep getting flooded with [ profile] het_bigbang comments and it's very difficult to keep track of things now. I'm paranoid that I'm missing stuff. Important stuff. So, to that end, I'm getting pre-organized. The following is a current list of authors signed up, as well as their listed fandoms/pairings. In alphebetical order. (Yes, that took forever to write out.) Please make sure that you have declared your fandom/pairing before the June 1st deadline. Please review the following to make sure I didn't make any mistakes or miss anyone.

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