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The Het Big Bang community here on Dreamwidth is slowly coming along, but we are determined to make it as successful here as it is on LiveJournal. With that in mind, we also created a support comm at [community profile] het_banghelp, for authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders to intermingle, run ideas past, cheer each other on, and, if the situation arises, commiserate with each other. Hopefully, not that last part!! :)

It is now up and running, and we have several events lined up to help you all get those stories and artworks ready for the big reveal date. Events tentatively scheduled for the comm are Wednesday Block Writing and Sunday Snippets, as well as regular brainstorming posts designed to help you work out those sticky plot issues or to just sound off on problems encountered during the writing process. We welcome any and all resource recommendations for for writers, authors, and betas to help with our projects so if you have signed up for this big bang in any category head on over to [community profile] het_banghelp to request membership.

Remember, the support comm is a moderated group for those who've signed up for the HBB Challenge, and you must join in order to see the event posts.
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