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Here be the new banners for 2017! Snag them, post them, use them wherever you like. Spread the word about HBB 2017 and make all your friends join the fun! ;D



(banners and icons created by [livejournal.com profile] red_b_rackham. To see previous years icons & banners, go here, here, or here!)


Countdown Buttons:

Can be found here: http://www.webcountdown.net/

Linkback Buttons:

Get the small linkback button same as the one in the top-right corner of this section, so that every time you post about your het big bang project, you can just have that little click back button that will lead your readers back to the comm. Cut/paste the following:

Wordcount Meters:

Word Meters are available at Writertopia or HERE.


Post to your LJ, dreamwidth, tumblr, twitter, and anywhere else! Spread the word, tell everybody, and encourage people to sign up! We especially tend to need artists and betas, so the more of those we can have to support our beautiful, talented authors, the better. :D

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