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Wavering on your chosen plotbunny? Waiting to sign up because you just haven't decided what plotbunny to choose? This might help! While you can change your plotbunny at any time until the mandatory check-in point, we're also offering you this post to help figure things out. You provide descriptions of up to five of your plotbunnies (including fandom/pairing), and we put up a poll here to see what people are interested in. No obligation to go with the winner, but it might help you choose!

If you're interested, comment below with the following:

Author(s) Name:

1. Fandom/Pairing:
Description of plotbunny: (50 words or less)

2. Fandom/Pairing:
Description of plotbunny: (50 words or less)

3. Fandom/Pairing:
Description of plotbunny: (50 words or less)

4. Fandom/Pairing:
Description of plotbunny: (50 words or less)

5. Fandom/Pairing:
Description of plotbunny: (50 words or less)

Cut/Paste the Following:

Max: five plotbunnies; less is fine. They can all be various fandoms/pairings, or of the same fandom/pairing but different ideas for them. Just say what fandom(s) it's in, the pairing, and write a very brief description to give people a good idea of what they'd be voting for. I'll then promptly make individualized posts as you guys start commenting, and provide a poll for you where each "question" consists of your potential stories. You can use the post to geek out and talk to interested parties and perhaps flush out your ideas. There's no deadline; this is to help you guys out! Plus, this gets community love going!

Also, give a heads up if any of your descriptions have recent spoilers for your fandoms. (Spoilers = anything aired in the last two weeks, and obviously any spoilers for future eps. With movies, leave at least three weeks after it premieres for any spoilers.)

Date: 2017-05-02 04:02 pm (UTC)
shadowcat: ([OTP] Daemon/Jaenelle)
From: [personal profile] shadowcat
Author(s) Name: [personal profile] shadowcat

1. Fandom/Pairing: The Black Jewels/Spartacus Fusion, Gannicus/Sibyl
Description of plotbunny: The course of events of the last battle changes as Sibyl's power is unleashed when Gannicus is crucified.

2. Fandom/Pairing: Roswell AU, Michael Guerin/Maria DeLuca
Description of plotbunny: To save Michael, Maria tells a lie that changes her life expectancy to merely days.

3. Fandom/Pairing: The Mummy & The Mummy Returns, Rick O'Connell/Evelyn O'Connell
Description of plotbunny: Rick and Evy were together in a past life in Ancient Egypt. How did they live and how did they fall?

4. Fandom/Pairing: Charmed, Phoebe/Cole, Phoebe/Coop
Description of plotbunny: The future is a dark one and at the end, Phoebe reflects on her loves and how things could have been.

5. Fandom/Pairing: The Hobbit AU, Kili/Tilda
Description of plotbunny: Tilda grows up and there is only one male that her heart calls out to.
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